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PolyLevel Alberta Corp. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in St. Albert. Learn more about PolyLevel Alberta Corp.'s recent work requests in St. Albert and nearby areas!

Learn more about PolyLevel Alberta Corp.'S recent work requests in St. Albert, AB
Vicinity of Keystone Cr in St. Albert
Fill and resurface aggregate driveway plus relevel
Vicinity of Alcott Crescent in St. Albert
Concrete has fallen and slopes towards our house foundation. Looking for a quote on concrete leveling and some repair.
Vicinity of Oakridge Drive North in St. Albert
Need Driveway lifted and leveled, and maybe 2 sidewalk slabs but that might be owned by the city so I'm not sure about that.
Vicinity of in St. Albert
All 5 houses. Drive pads connecting sidewalks. Aprons. As deemed needing lifting. Thx. John
Vicinity of Nault Crescent in St. Albert
Driveway is not level with the garage pad, approx. up to 3 inches of a void.
Vicinity of Gresham Boulevard in St. Albert
There are concrete steps on the side of my house that are sinking on one side.
Vicinity of Heritage Drive in St. Albert
The driveway is sinking and is coming away from the garage foundation. Also the sidewalk leading to the front steps is raised. It's a tripping hazard.
Vicinity of Harvest Court in St. Albert
I have a 3/4 inch gap from drive to garage and from sidewalk to garage on the side. Can you repair this and seal it from letting water under the drive pad and sidewalk
Vicinity of North Ridge Drive in St. Albert
We built our home 6 years ago and our driveway slab is starting to drop. There are several cracks now directly above where I believe the rebar tie ins are to the garage slab. There are a few small pieces of the driveway that have cracked out. The driveway slab has dropped approx 3/4 to one inch. Thanks, Terry
Vicinity of Delwood Place in St. Albert
Front walk driveway to house Front half of driveway to garage about 1-2 inch drop
Vicinity of Attwood Drive in St. Albert
I live in a duplex built in 1979. When it was built some utility lines went right under the concrete slab that's my front porch. This slab has been sinking the bolts anchoring it inside have cracked the foundation and the water leaking in has eroded the surrounding concrete over time. Have had two minor floods because of this slab. I don't know whether to take it off because if it's filled in under it will seal off where the huge gap is underneath where the utilities run. Why it was installed over them is beyond me. Don't know if any real solution to this and I think I lost a cat under that thing some years ago. Meowed and meowed thought it got stuck in the walls somehow. Afraid to look. Options? Cost estimate? You know complete issues now hopefully I have described this problem well enough. Not very flush with cash. Remove this like the other side of my duplex did? They put in a little porch landing it's been no hassle to them.
Vicinity of Farmstead Ave in St. Albert
A sunken slab of concrete along the house is causing water to pool during spring melt. Would like it lifted, or might be interested in other options such as removal - depending on what's deemed the most permanent fix and the quotes. Thanks!
Vicinity of Newbury Court in St. Albert
Need someone to come out and give an estimate to have the left side of my driveway raised 2-3 inches, this spring. If you could send someone to do that without meeting, also ok (covid19). Thanks
Vicinity of Bellevue Crescent in St. Albert
I wouldn't mind having someone coming out to quote some repair work for my driveway. I'd be interested in getting a cost on both filling some cracks vs. resurfacing it.
Vicinity of Morgan Crescent in St. Albert
My driveway has cracks, holes and some areas that are sunken. I am exploring options for repair and or replace. Thank you
Vicinity of Ellesmere Dr in St. Albert
Concrete slab in front of front door. 4 to 6 inches too low. mud underneath. slab is 1.5 foot thick and 8 x 12 feet. need lifted. typical residential concrete front area.
Vicinity of Kildeer Court in St. Albert
I would like a quote and information on levelling our driveway.
Vicinity of Napoleon Crescent in St. Albert
I need somebody to level my drvieway
Vicinity of Erin Ridge in St. Albert
I am looking for a quote to seal my Exposed Aggregate driveway.
Vicinity of Eastcott Drive in St. Albert
After the winter thaw this year parts of the driveway have sunken quite a bit.
Vicinity of Heritage Drive in St. Albert
We need to raise our driveway to our garage pad level as it's been sinking over the past few years
Vicinity of Larose Dr in St. Albert
Looking for quote on driveway repair/sealing
Vicinity of Morgan Crescent in St. Albert
Driveway has a substantial heave in the centre, some grade to the house. We are looking at options to repair and replace the driveway. Would you be able to correct the negative grade and seal the crack in some way?
Vicinity of Attwood Dr. in St. Albert
The driveway had settled toward the foundation, need to be lifted away and drain properly, driveway has multiple crack and hazards.
Vicinity of Grandin Road in St. Albert
Driveway sloped towards the house side and back. Would like an estimate to level out.
Vicinity of Butterfield Crest in St. Albert
Sidewalk, driveway & pad need a lift , I just moved here & noticed lots of movement
Vicinity of Larose Drive in St. Albert
Driveway is cracked and water settles near the house
Vicinity of Lafleur Drive in St. Albert
Driveway in front of garage has sunk so that rain etc. pours into garage.
Vicinity of Furocher St in St. Albert
Front step slab 8 x 8 needs level
Vicinity of Alan Place in St. Albert
I have front step with three risers that is in need of repair or replacement. Right now the step is slightly lopsided. Wondering if I can get it repaired.
Vicinity of Heritage Drive in St. Albert
Drive way sinking entering garage
Vicinity of Princeton Cres in St. Albert
One half of driveway sunk
Vicinity of L'Hirondelle Crt in St. Albert
Lifting of sunken front slab steps
Vicinity of Alderwood Blvd in St. Albert
Just would like a quote to to the driveway
Vicinity of Doolan Place in St. Albert
Drive way has sunk and formed cracks
Vicinity of Montcalm Cres in St. Albert
We have a patio concrete slab that about 2-3 inches has sunken towards the foundation of the house.
Vicinity of Brunswick Crescent in St. Albert
The concrete has sunk where it meets the stairs so needs to be lifted.
Vicinity of Durocher St in St. Albert
Need quote to lift a driveway slab.
Vicinity of Deer Ridge Dr. in St. Albert
Curb Apron sunk giving me drainage issues
Vicinity of Fenwick Cres in St. Albert
Concrete slab by my front steps has sunk. Approximate size of slab is 4'x5' and tilts away from garage leaving a gap under the front steps as you approach. Gap size varies from 2"-6"
Vicinity of Newmarket Way in St. Albert
My drive way is sinking and i need to lift it
Vicinity of Norman Court in St. Albert
Front driveway
Vicinity of Pembroke Crescent in St. Albert
Front walk way, garage and driveway
Vicinity of Olympia Court in St. Albert
Can you quote me a price to raise my driveway to match my garage floor?
Vicinity of Marchand Place in St. Albert
The concrete drive way is uneven next to the house and impedes good drainage.
Vicinity of Livingstone Cres in St. Albert
Long driveway needs repairs, would like a quote
Vicinity of Olivier Close in St. Albert
Driveway and attached sidewalk need raising.
Vicinity of Hamilton Cresent in St. Albert
I have two sections of my driveway next to the garage pad that have dropped slightly.
Vicinity of Broadview Crescent in St. Albert
Cement slab at the base of the front steps is sunken
Vicinity of Eastbourne Close in St. Albert
Looking for a quote to raise concrete drive way and side walk
Vicinity of Lauralcrest Pl in St. Albert
Concrete steps and walkway need to be leveled. Agregate material and large.
Vicinity of Dunsmuir Court in St. Albert
I want my driveway to be higher than the City sidewalk
Vicinity of Hanover Place in St. Albert
Home driveway and walks are sinking
Vicinity of Hamilton Cres. in St. Albert
Sidewalk crack and uneven
Vicinity of Hamilton Cr in St. Albert
Our garage floor has sunken towards the middle. We want to know if foam jacking would work to make it level.
Vicinity of Hanover Place in St. Albert
I would like a quote on the drive to lift and level at 5 Hanover place, st albert. im also wondering what is better the old style mud-jacking of the foam? what is the life expectancy of the foam?
Vicinity of Oakdale Place in St. Albert
Void under the patio
Vicinity of Lombard Crescent in St. Albert
Recently had a polyurathane lifter out to my house to estimate void filling and lifting parts of my driveway. I am now checking with other companies for pricing. Please estimate the following areas using your material. Email is my best contact as I do not always answer my phone. Thank you Sidewalk 2" - 3" void fill/stabilize, no lift Driveway 1" lift/void fill/stabilize 11' x 28' = 308 sq ft Driveway (apron) 2" lift/void fill/stabilize 5' x 22' = 110 sq ft
Vicinity of Deerbourne Dr in St. Albert
Sidewalk adjacent to the garage, very evident.
Vicinity of OakPark Crescent in St. Albert
Vicinity of Fair Oaks Dr in St. Albert
20ft long slab starts at 3 ft widens to 16ft ... three cracks sunkin 6inches in middle
Vicinity of Pembroke Cres in St. Albert
Looking for an estimate for my driveway. Was mud jacked before but every gimme it rains I get mud/grout bubbling out of bottom of driveway. Would like to seal this before the driveway cracks more. Please email. Thank you
Vicinity of Lucinda Terrace in St. Albert
Residential driveway part has sunken near garage
Vicinity of Erin Ridge Drive in St. Albert
Third lane of my triple driveway - by garage entrance has sunk - this is a stamped concrete driveway 7807216749
Vicinity of Alpine Blvd in St. Albert
Hello, I am looking for a quote to have the sidewalks and other cement lifted due to drainage issues. Thank you Christine
Vicinity of Willoughby Drive in St. Albert
Residential Driveway Mudjacking. Looking for a free quote/estimate. Preferred method of initial contact is email! Thanks
Vicinity of Grandin Road in St. Albert
It would be great if you can come out to our house to give a free estimate. The driveway at the front of the house has sunk where it touches the garage. Also, the concrete patio in the back yard is slanted towards the garage. It would be great if you can offer a solution to get the rain water flowing away from the house. Thanks.

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