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Work Requests in Sherwood Park

PolyLevel Alberta Corp. is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Sherwood Park. Learn more about PolyLevel Alberta Corp.'s recent work requests in Sherwood Park and nearby areas!

Learn more about PolyLevel Alberta Corp.'S recent work requests in Sherwood Park, AB
Vicinity of Chancery Bay in Sherwood Park
Sinking driveway needs lifting
Vicinity of Cascade Cr. in Sherwood Park
Corner of driveway is dropping close to garage. Seems to have washout/growing hole or something to that effect under it.
Vicinity of in Sherwood Park
I have a concrete slab that my hot tub sits on. The dirt beneath has eroded away creating a void. Looking to have that void filled before the slab cracks.
Vicinity of Foxhaven Way in Sherwood Park
Standard driveway - 23 feet wide by 25 feet long. Dropped about 1.5 inches at the garage and 3/4" by the sidewalk. Corner of walkway at garage also is cracked and probably needs support.
Vicinity of Estate Drive in Sherwood Park
Settling steps and sidewalk and driveway.
Vicinity of Newcastle Crescent in Sherwood Park
Concrete driveway requires jacking/leveling to bring it up to the garage pad level. Also need to patch concrete where garage pad and driveway meet.
Vicinity of Foxhaven Bay in Sherwood Park
My driveway and sidewalk leading up to the front door has sunk approx 3". Would like the concrete lifted and levelled
Vicinity of in Sherwood Park
Looking for a quote to mudjack my driveway and seal between the driveway and garage floor.
Vicinity of Summercourt Terrace in Sherwood Park
My sidewalk along my house up to my front step has settled over time. There is a gap between my steps and walkway
Vicinity of in Sherwood Park
Need my concrete deck and garage pad lifted. I am home after 4.
Vicinity of Fairview Court in Sherwood Park
Raise cracked garage floor
Vicinity of Balmoral Crescent in Sherwood Park
Driveway has dropped
Vicinity of Estate Drive in Sherwood Park
Uneven driveway
Vicinity of Highgrove Court in Sherwood Park
I would like to schedule a visit so I can get a quote on raising my driveway & sidewalk and void filling under my garage. Thank you
Vicinity of Peacock Drive in Sherwood Park
Previously jacked slab is falling back again sloping the driveway towards the home. Neighbor may want same service for the same problem (driveways are shared)
Vicinity of in Sherwood Park
Need to lift sidewalk by front step.
Vicinity of Kingfisher Road in Sherwood Park
I have a settling driveway, sidewalk and garage pad.
Vicinity of Nottingham Cove in Sherwood Park
10' x 20' patio that has sunken at the house side
Vicinity of Granville Cres in Sherwood Park
I have a 6x8 slab for my pool shed in the back yard that I need leveled so I can build a new shed.
Vicinity of Blueberry Cres in Sherwood Park
Concrete slab where it meets the garage pad has settled 2" and there is a void under the slab. Dimensions of the slab for jacking is about 20' x 3'
Vicinity of Lilac Terrace in Sherwood Park
I need a quote to have our concrete slab lifted please!
Vicinity of Poinciana Court in Sherwood Park
Pad in back of house needs lifting along back of house
Vicinity of Norway Crescent in Sherwood Park
My concrete driveway has sunken on 1 side approx. 1 1/2" the other side is level with the garage. It has been mud jacked by a previous owner but has probably failed at this time. Would like a quote for polyjacking.
Vicinity of Orchid Crescent in Sherwood Park
Front driveway requires a lift and void fill, ~4" lip on the left and ~2" on the right, walkway may require leveling once lift complete.
Vicinity of Glamorgan Drive in Sherwood Park
Cracked driveway and garage pad
Vicinity of Greystone Terrace in Sherwood Park
North side of house has a walkway to the rear that slopes towards the house as well as a pad in the back that slopes towards the house. Front walkway and front of driveway are also very cracked close to the garage. More than likely just void fill the driveway and garage as new concrete will be going there. Ill let you tell me what can be done! Thanks for your time.
Vicinity of Carlyle Crescent in Sherwood Park
We would love a quote on lifting our driveway (it's cleaved in the middle) as well as lifting a part of our walkway to the front door. There's a crack which is a tripping hazard. Thank you.
Vicinity of Foxwood Cres in Sherwood Park
Driveway has cracked all the way across and has sunk over an inch. House and driveway are 5 years old.
Vicinity of in Sherwood Park
I have an attached garage with a floor that slopes dramatically front to back and left to right. Would like an estimate to level it. Pad is approximately 23'x25'
Vicinity of in Sherwood Park
In the corner of my garage slab a crack appeared as a result of thawing and freezing over the winter months. When I drive into the garage there is an uneven part between the driveway and garage slab.
Vicinity of Woodfield Drive in Sherwood Park
Driveway settled below garage floor
Vicinity of Dawson Drive in Sherwood Park
Vicinity of Nottingham Cove in Sherwood Park
Driveway sinking. Hollow sound under sidewalk
Vicinity of Highvale Crescent in Sherwood Park
Main walk way to front entrance and RV pad
Vicinity of Highgrove Terrace in Sherwood Park
Vicinity of Craigavon Bay in Sherwood Park
Looking to lift top part of driveway and a corner of the garage pad
Vicinity of Nottingham Harbour in Sherwood Park
Front driveway has sunk as well as the sidewalk leading to the front door
Vicinity of Foxhaven Crescent in Sherwood Park
Driveway slopes towards the north and large crack/uneven sidewalk
Vicinity of Ridgepoint Way in Sherwood Park
Slightly upwardly inclined driveway slab (~18' W x 25' L) appears to have been "mudjacked" by previous owner, but while the street / sidewalk end is flush and level, and the whole thing is flat with no cracks, the end near the garage has settled by ~1.5". I am looking for estimates to determine the budget for a project to "jack up" the garage end of the driveway slab to be level with the garage slab.
Vicinity of Willow Street in Sherwood Park
Part of front sidewalk needs lifting - currently 4-6" below bottom of front step... fall risk! If at all possible I would like work done this week as I am home on vacation. If results positive, there are sections of driveway that also need levelling. Thanks!!
Vicinity of Fountain Creek Dr in Sherwood Park
We have some settling in our front steps and driveway as well as concrete holes, cracks and erosions. We would like an estimate on repairs. Contact us after Aug 21 please.
Vicinity of Ridgemont Cres in Sherwood Park
Had my driveway mud jacked 3 years ago and it has sank to the same level it was before that. They also did my attached garage pad and it seems fine but it never did sink it just sounded hollow so some holes were drilled and a void ranged from 2" to 18". I saw you had solutions other than mud and am wondering if this would work on my driveway.
Vicinity of Cavan Road in Sherwood Park
Driveway has dropped roughly 11/2" at the garage entrance and is cracked in several locations.
Vicinity of Marion Drive in Sherwood Park
I have approximately a half inch gap that extends the length of my garage in the middle of the floor. I would like to investigate the costs of fixing this and having someone give me an estimate for just fixing the garage as well as possibly fixing the entire driveway.
Vicinity of MERRYWOOD Crescent in Sherwood Park
Front sidewalk has sunken and now step is too big also pad behind house is cracked and sunk I would like to level it to build off of.
Vicinity of Liberty Road in Sherwood Park
Slab with high heavy volume has sunk along building and is causing drainage issues. Looking to see if this process is a viable solution and a quote on the project if possible.
Vicinity of in Sherwood Park
I have an exposed drive way with some settling that has occurred against the garage
Vicinity of Carmel Road in Sherwood Park
Requesting a quote to raise the cement pad in front of my garage.
Vicinity of Glencoe Blvd in Sherwood Park
Vicinity of Calico Drive in Sherwood Park
We have a short length of sidewalk beside our garage that we'd like raised up a little to be on the same level as the rest of the sidewalk leading to a door at the side of the garage.
Vicinity of Fountain Creek Drive in Sherwood Park
Driveway in front of garage doors needs to be raised. I would like a quote to do the work.
Vicinity of Lilac Crescent in Sherwood Park
Good day, could you provide an estimate on jacking my driveway?
Vicinity of Calico Drive in Sherwood Park
I need my diveway and sidewalks releveled
Vicinity of Foxboro Way in Sherwood Park
Concrete slab in front of the garage entrance has dropped.
Vicinity of Nottingham Bay in Sherwood Park
Request to get a quotation to raise and level the driveway panel at the garage door and the west side sidewalk and gate
Vicinity of Forrest Court in Sherwood Park
Double attached garage parking pad sinking towards house. In winter months when warm out and snow melting, water running towards the foundation.
Vicinity of Clover Bar Road in Sherwood Park
Vicinity of Nottingham Point in Sherwood Park
Front driveway pad needs roughly 2" lift at house and slight lift at curb.
Vicinity of in Sherwood Park
Need to lift driveway slab 4-6" to match original garage slab height for entire width of garage (~32') as well as fill void spaces associated with sidewalks at front and back of house.
Vicinity of Summercourt Place in Sherwood Park
Driveway sunk about an inch at the sidewalk. Also I bit at garage.
Vicinity of Foxhaven Cres in Sherwood Park
Could I get an estimate for the sidewalk and concrete pad in front of garage?
Vicinity of Charlton Cresent in Sherwood Park
Sidewalk and driveway are settling due to void underneath. Growing gap between sidewalk and driveway/garage
Vicinity of Lilac Drive in Sherwood Park
Driveway sinking away frow garage pad.
Vicinity of Oriole Crescent in Sherwood Park
Uneven driveway, and walkway.
Vicinity of Marion Drive in Sherwood Park
Just purchased a place and the driveway has dropped three inches or more along the side of the house. I'm curious about what the better option is and what the effects poly lifting would have on the foundation of the house vs. removing the driveway to gravel. There is a drain pipe under the driveway to a drain trough that sits between mine and my neighbours driveway. There is some pooling of water at the bottom of the driveway. There is also some pooling on the rear slab during heavy rain. I appreciate the input.
Vicinity of Meadowview Court in Sherwood Park
Looking for foam jacking quote, driveway is settled from 2-4" across in front of garage door
Vicinity of Dawson Crescent in Sherwood Park
Need driveway lifted 1/2" to be level with garage, walkway needs lifted to be even with driveway and corner section of walkway may need replacement (poor rebar and settling).
Vicinity of Foxboro Run in Sherwood Park
Sidewalk lifting in front yard, tripping hazard
Vicinity of in Sherwood Park
Elevate driveway and concrete slab.
Vicinity of Nottingham Cove in Sherwood Park
Need a quote to raise driveway where it is attached to the garage. Has dropped about 1 1/2 inches and is starting to crack. I play hockey with Michel so he said I should ask for the hockey buddy discount. Thanks, ...Herb
Vicinity of Chancery Way in Sherwood Park
Driveway slab has sunk approximately 1 1/2 inches
Vicinity of Rosewood Drive in Sherwood Park
Uneven driveway.
Vicinity of Lorrelind Estates in Sherwood Park
Driveway has sunk Aprox 2-2.5 inches from the garage. Looking to get it levelled out.
Vicinity of Chancery Bay in Sherwood Park
I received a flyer from your company and I would like to get an estimate on having my driveway pad and sidewalk lifted.
Vicinity of Catalina Dr. in Sherwood Park
Require quote on leveling driveway
Vicinity of in Sherwood Park
I have a 6'wide step and side walk that has settled around 3" or 4" where it meets the house. I am looking for an alternative to replacement.
Vicinity of Foxtail Way in Sherwood Park
One slab on the corner of our sidewalk has sunk by a good inch or so leaving a step that's easy to trip on. I'm interested in getting a quote to fix or replace it.
Vicinity of Ridgehaven Cres in Sherwood Park
My driveway is sinking
Vicinity of Conifer St in Sherwood Park
Back patio has sunken at the base of the house as well the pad has multiple cracks in it. I would like to have the pad lifted at the house so that water drainage is away from the home.

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